Rock Stars Getting Married

Remember the rock star engagement?  Yeah, the ones that don’t play music but that I call rock stars anyway.  Well, they did it.  And I was there to shoot it.  The epic day took us from the apartment on the Upper East Side where the ladies were getting ready to Bethesda Terrace in Central Park for the first look, to Studio Square for the ceremony and reception.  Despite operating on only an hour of sleep due to a travel delay returning from the previous day’s wedding shoot, everything was just in spectacular photographic swing… Until it was over, when I was packing up and dropped a $2000 lens onto a concrete floor.  Smash.  Apparently sleep deprivation makes you clumsy.  Though I’m sort of convinced having my higher consciousness operating in decreased capacity allowed instinct to take over more than it usually does… and the results were fantastic.  Here are just a few.

UPDATE: yep, they like the pictures.  They’ve since referred like half a dozen friends over.  Yaz and Harley, you rock.

Rock Star Engagement

Yaz and Harley.  They don’t actually play music for a living – or at all for that matter – but with those names, they’re freakin’ rock stars in my book.  I had a couple of different Meatpacking District locations I wanted to hit for this one.  By a couple I mean like eight.  The Mr. Brainwash exhibit (now closed), the High Line, a cool bar in between the two, a couple of cool walls around the corner from the bar, and four others that we didn’t get to because of a dinner reservation they had to go to.  Absent that, I’d have had them standing in front of my camera until it was pitch black out.  Props to Yasmin for being such a great collaborator – it’s great when you get a bride that has opinions and ideas, then hands them off to you to develop and run with.  

“Will You Marry Me?”

“Breathe.  Stay quiet and calm.  You’ll nail it.”

That’s not me talking to Sergio, who was standing on the exact spot he was about to propose to Gaby.  That’s me talking to myself, set up out of sight, having to be quiet and still, hired to artistically catch one epic moment.  You can’t help but get a little misty when you see this happening, so a little self-calming is sometimes necessary.  ”Stay focused.  Breath out.  Squeeze.  *click click click click*

There it is, captured forever.  Nailed it.  We even got to shoot a few other ideas I’d scouted beforehand, capturing the “holy sh!t we just got engaged” glow.

Congrats, you two.

She Flew In From Spain For This

David and I met for a cocktail at Range, one of my favorite watering holes in San Francisco (if you go tell Tyler that Chris the photographer says hi). There he told me about Vicky – a teacher, passionate and intelligent and beautiful. They met at his brother’s wedding, fell in love, and that was it.  And she’s Spanish. Yeah, accents are hot. But by “Spanish,” I mean that she currently lives in Spain. David doesn’t live in Spain. He lives here. Neither American or Spanish immigration likes you staying indefinite periods of time in their countries unless you’re a citizen, so they’ve been forced apart for nearly half a year at times. But damnit, this is love, and they’re going to make it work.

Oh, by “This” I don’t mean the shoot. I mean love. Vicky didn’t know about the shoot, or that David was proposing to her only the day before – but David was pretty confident she’d say “yes” – he booked me months in advance.

“We Cannot Touch Until We’re Married”

Orthodox Jews take their scripture seriously, and it is written that men and women cannot touch until married. So when Justin and Eliana came to me for an engagement shoot, my first question was “can you get close? Like, smell-each-other close?” Turns out there’s nothing more intimate than people smelling each other without touching. Playing with that tension led to what another orthodox friend of mine called “the hottest frum engagement ever. I agree. This was hot. And yet, even in the images where there is no visual space between them, they aren’t touching.” Yes, I had to google “frum” to know what she meant.