She Flew In From Spain For This

David and I met for a cocktail at Range, one of my favorite watering holes in San Francisco (if you go tell Tyler that Chris the photographer says hi). There he told me about Vicky – a teacher, passionate and intelligent and beautiful. They met at his brother’s wedding, fell in love, and that was it. ¬†And she’s Spanish. Yeah, accents are hot. But by “Spanish,” I mean that she currently lives in Spain. David doesn’t live in Spain. He lives here. Neither American or Spanish immigration likes you staying indefinite periods of time in their countries unless you’re a citizen, so they’ve been forced apart for nearly half a year at times. But damnit, this is love, and they’re going to make it work.

Oh, by “This” I don’t mean the shoot. I mean love. Vicky didn’t know about the shoot, or that David was proposing to her only the day before – but David was pretty confident she’d say “yes” – he booked me months in advance.