Their First Date Was In A Bar With Flaming Drinks

…and who can resist flaming drinks?  So our last location was in fact said Brooklyn bar (Zombie Hut) where Nick, Lauren, and I ended up ordering another.  And another.  And I think a third.  By the end of the day we were old friends.  That seems to be happening with a lot of couples lately.  I can hear my dad now: “you take some pictures for a few hours then shoot the sh!t at the bar with some new friends and get paid for it?  Good to see you making use of those years of engineering school you didn’t finish.”   For the record dad, a lot more goes into it than just clicking the shutter.  And my filmmaking degree is… kinda relevant to this.

Before our little bonding session at the bar we walked around Dumbo and found backdrops to show them as the understated-yet-edgy couple that they are, and had to shoot a few in their ‘hood (Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn) with life elements that they consider important to their identity.  Namely, their ridiculously cute dog and their obscenely cool vintage-y bicycles.  I’ve since been inspired to get a bicycle of my own to ride around San Francisco, and am *this* close to convincing the girlfriend to let me get a dog.  Thanks, Nick and Lauren, and congrats.  Looking forward to shooting your wedding:)