This is Chris

I read slowly. Really slowly. Like, sometimes it takes several minutes to read one page. It’s because I don’t really read English. Or words. I read pictures.  Every line has to be translated visually into to something that can run on my head’s projector.

Like when I read “love” on a page, what I see is this:

New York City Meatpacking District Engagement Mr. Brainwash Big Love Explosion

and this:

San Francisco Baker Beach Engagement Bay Area Wedding Photographer

and this:

This isn’t the only oddity.

I know when my girlfriend is hungry by how she smells. I know when the tea is done brewing without a timer. I naturally wake up just before sunrise every day. When something is about to happen, or when something’s time has come, I just kinda sense it. You know how dogs and birds act oddly just before an earthquake, because they know something’s up? I’m kinda like that.

I also have a tendency to try to find structure in chaos – from arranging table clutter into patterns to trying to influence my girlfriend’s moods through household organization.

Observing and feeling, timing and organizing. These habits come in quite handy when attempting to make pictures that look how things feel, and for timing shutter clicks with the essence of moments.

And I love a good party.  I make a fine cocktail.

Enough about me. Tell me about your wedding.